Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The One Thing for Church Planters

Church planters sometimes ask me, "If you could tell me one thing as a church planter, what would it be?" My response, "Life's not that simple." But if you hold me down and give me an arm burn until I tell you my "one thing" for church planters--here it is, "Love your wife."

Here's why. First, lose at this and you lose. Success in any other arena will not make up for a failure at home. Also, to love your wife you must make a series of value choices. She gets my time instead of this thing or that opportunity. Likewise, leading a new church is a series of value choices. If you can't make choices and set boundaries and commit yourself in loving your wife, you will not do any of those things in planting a church either.

So if you are a church planter, love your wife well. Say "yes" and "no" with conviction to other things vying for your affections and your devotion. Demonstrate how you treasure her with your schedule, your words and in the many ways you consider her. You will build a strong marriage and you will work on the kind of character required to lead a church.


  1. Awesome post - I think it relates to all ministry positions too! Thanks!

  2. Excellent word. I read it aloud to my wife and she said, "Yeah! What he said!"