Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Annual Celebration 2010

This blog is a snapshot of vision I shared at the Annual Celebration on Wednesday, March 3, 2010. Take a look at the video below to get a taste of the evening.

The Church on Mission
The church of Jesus is not a place or a meeting, but a people on mission. Those Jesus saves, he sends. And he does not send you alone; he sends you as a church armed with the gospel, gifted and indwelled by his Spirit. Let’s remind each other that we are a sent people. And what God sent us to do is not yet done.

Multiplying Campuses / Venues
We are committed to planting campuses and venues from the Beltway to the Beach, from the Bay to Brazoria county so that every individual knows a disciple of Jesus who can invite them to attend a Clear Creek Campus near them. Fulfilling this vision will require multiplied leaders and magnanimous generosity.

Everyone in Two Groups
Our vision is for Clear Creekers to be part of two groups. The first is a missional small group. Groups are the best atmosphere for becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus. Spiritual formation does not just happen in living rooms, a place to sweat and serve is required. So groups are not cul-de-sacs, but avenues of good works that create good will and open doors to the good news. We will create a culture together where every group does Go Ops at least quarterly.

The second group is new to most people; it’s a missional core group. Clear Creek Community Church started with a handful of people who were devoted to do whatever it took for the church to start. Every campus and venue in our future will need a missional core group. Over the next year, we can see the emergence of hundreds of people who will be the “whatever it takes” core group for new campuses and venues. The new campuses and venues will provide empty seats at optimal inviting hours in close proximity to the people we are trying to reach.

A Month to Listen
Over the next month, you will have opportunity for your voice to be heard to help form our strategy for coming days. We’ll present the vision and strategy by the end of May. Until then, the following ways are opportunities for you to give input.
• Survey Given at Annual Celebration
• Spiritual Health Survey in the near future
• Listening groups start March 21
• Online response

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